Michelle Balbi, RN

Michelle Balbi graduated from Temple University in 1990 as a registered nurse.  Specializing in Aesthetics since 1992, Michelle is trained in Juvederm Ultra, Ultra PlusXC, Restylane, Radiesse and both Botox and Dysport. She received her specialty training through Advanced Aesthetic Institute, and continues her education on a regular basis to ensure that she has all up-to-date techniques for her patients. This quest for cutting edge methodology is what led her to train with InjectAbility® Institute to learn creative ways to apply neuromodulators as well as the ArqueDerma® Artistic Restoration Lift®, which have transformed her practice.

Michelle believes in developing and maintaining excellent relationships with her clients to aid them in all their cosmetic procedures and educate them in all options available to them.  Michelle also believes each client is unique and enjoys meeting all their individual needs.

Michelle is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses. When asked how to describe the transformation of incorporating new techniques she learned from InjectAbility® Institute Michelle had this to say, “Within two patients after taking the ArqueDerma®, and advanced neuromodulator courses I had recouped my costs. By increasing the Botox® units per patient, and using additional syringes of filler on patients, along with my increase in word of mouth referrals, I have seen a huge growth in my practice!”

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