What Makes Us Safer?

At InjectAbility®, we use multiple modalities to promote a safer experience for each patient. Those include:

  • The Accuvein® Vein Finder
  • Doppler Ultrasound Technology
  • Cadaver Lab Training
AccuVein®’s vein visualization technology helps our practitioners by projecting a vivid map on the skin detailing the veins we are unable to see with the naked eye. This helps us to avoid veins with the intent to minimize bruising to the best of our ability, as well as avoid vessels to prevent complications.
Doppler ultrasound technology is used across the medical field and has recently made its way into aesthetic medicine. InjectAbility® hosted and trained under Doctor Steven F. Weiner, one of the world’s leading experts on the use of ultrasound for improved safety and efficacy in aesthetic injections. As a leader in education and research, it was only appropriate for our practitioners at InjectAbility® to undergo this training to help increase procedure safety, reducing risk and achieving more desired outcomes of your injectable treatment.
Continuing with our education-based foundation, InjectAbility® also hosted and trained with world renowned Doctor David Saadat, who has curated a course that perfectly bridges the knowledge learned in cadaver anatomy into everyday injection practice. This cadaver lab training gave our practitioners hands-on training, reviewing the best techniques to administer treatment of dermal filler and neuromodulators safely and successfully.

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